SOLEX CATSMO offers a wide range of unique, highly sought-after, chef-quality gourmet ingredients including artisan smoked salmon and seafood, premium caviar, imported seafood, truly wild-caught game from Scotland, truffles and truffle products from Italy, spices, honeys, and syrups, as well as unique oils and vinegars.

Remonte-Pente Maple Syrup, 700ml

Available in 700ml bottle. This cuvée of 70 Brix syrup is produced in the Frost Village of the Estrie region. Its goal is to show the multiple possible diversities of maple syrup, even from a small lot of 3000 maples. Our composition draws on the endofseason sap of maples that are an average of 150 years old. All syrup was chosen by blind taste tests. We burn the dead wood of the same forest to reduce the syrup, without the use of reverse osmosis. Contrary to the ratio of 40/1 litres of sap to syrup, we use 56 litres in order to allow the naturally occurring molecules to present in the way we desire, without the use of synthetic additives or oak barrels.

Sylvestre and Paparmane : Pure Forest Honey, 250g

Since the beginning, Société-Orignal has worked to develop strong relationships with agricultors all over Quebec. The Sylvestre and Paparmane honey is the result of one such relationship with the wonderful Miels d'Anicet family. A lot of hard work for a unique honey with mint flavors and hints of forest flora. 250g



Mont Noir : Goat Milk Caramel, 125ml

Mr. Bernard Petit's manner of working with his goats, and his perseverance, led us to develop a product made from goat's milk not commonly seen on the market. After 3 years, we were finally able to find the right balance of goat's milk tanginess and the sweetness of caramel. We are pleased to present to you the Mont Noir jam, a goat milk caramel. 125ml


Ribeye Steak, 18oz from 7X Beef

7X Beef searched the world for the most delicious beef, and found it in an ancient Japanese breed of full-blood cattle that produces amazing marbling and a unique tenderness. 7X cattle herds are raised in the Colorado high country, where they use sustainable ranching methods to nourish the cattle with natural grass and grain and pure spring water. The cattle are allowed to grow at their own pace for naturally slow-grown flavor. At 7X, they've created a beef with a taste so sublime, it will forever change your idea of how good a steak can be.

Great on a grill or pan-fried in a hot iron skillet. Heat the iron skillet and cook the ribeye for a few minutes on each side then let sit for an hour to draw the juices back to the center. When you're ready to eat, just quickly drop it back into the same pan it was cooked in just long enough to warm it up but not over cook it. 



  • smoked salmon

    All of our smoked salmon products start with fresh Atlantic salmon