SOLEX CATSMO offers a wide range of unique, highly sought-after, chef-quality gourmet ingredients including artisan smoked salmon and seafood, premium caviar, imported seafood, truly wild-caught game from Scotland, truffles and truffle products from Italy, spices, honeys, and syrups, as well as unique oils and vinegars.

Sylvestre and Paparmane : Pure Forest Honey, 250g

Since the beginning, Société-Orignal has worked to develop strong relationships with agricultors all over Quebec. The Sylvestre and Paparmane honey is the result of one such relationship with the wonderful Miels d'Anicet family. A lot of hard work for a unique honey with mint flavors and hints of forest flora. 250g


Mont Noir : Goat Milk Caramel, 125ml

Mr. Bernard Petit's manner of working with his goats, and his perseverance, led us to develop a product made from goat's milk not commonly seen on the market. After 3 years, we were finally able to find the right balance of goat's milk tanginess and the sweetness of caramel. We are pleased to present to you the Mont Noir jam, a goat milk caramel. 125ml




  • smoked salmon

    All of our smoked salmon products start with fresh Atlantic salmon